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WheelHouse Whiskey, whiskey

WheelHouse Whiskey was founded by the band WheelHouse in 2014 with one goal: make a quality whiskey with only the finest ingredients that tastes great and goes down smooth.  

Made in Madison, WI WheelHouse is a four grain two-year aged whiskey that divides the geography of flavor.  Canadian whiskey highlights the great north’s smooth

blending abilities, while the folks in Kentucky are

obsessed with crafting a distinctive bite to their

bourbon.  WheelHouse captures the best of both. 

While our whiskey bites up front like a bourbon it

finishes oh so easy like a Canadian blend. 

Music and whiskey go hand in hand.  Our band is

an Americana string band.  We play over 220

shows a year across the country, so we wanted to

craft a professional whiskey as down-home,

reliable, and smooth as the music we play.   

Enjoy WheelHouse Whiskey’s subtle notes of

vanilla and honey.  Mix it with your favorite flavor

or enjoy it neat.  Share it with your friends, but make sure you have a bottle in the cupboard at home.  If you’ve tried it tell your friends, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy our whiskey we’ll offer the same advice we tell others:


Give it a shot!

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